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Inspired by the thought that ‘the Most Valuable Asset is Our Employees’, our target is to be a pioneering company by having and developing high performance labor, maintaining motivation, improving the efficiency of the whole enterprise system and implementing human resources applications.
Pimsa Otomotiv A.S. believes that the most prominent resource for reaching the goals is the employees, and aims to be a customer-oriented and environment-friendly global company desiring to improve the work and itself where organizational culture is adopted, necessary infrastructure is established, change and innovation are welcomed, the knowledge and skill of the employees are improved and worker’s health and safety rules are obeyed.


•    To correctly evaluate and maximally gain value human resource according to our corporate mission and vision,
•    To attach importance to and respect the personality of our employees,
•    To respond to the needs of our employees and contribute to their development,
•    To ensure a strong communication and motivation environment,
•    To evaluate the employees according to objective criteria and ensure the establishment and implementation of a performance and career system,
•    To cherish the ideas of the employees and create favorable environments where they can express their ideas,
•    To move according to strategic plans and targets and be ready to changes.
Average Age of White Collar Employees:
Women Employee Rate