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Job and Internship Applications
Employment and Placement

The basic purpose of employment process of our company is to choose the person for the correct job.
Concerning the applications submitted to our company, we seek that open positions, competences and required qualities conform with each other. Your résumé submitted through an online system is subjected to evaluation as the first step. Having ensured that the features such as work experience, educational history and foreign language match the qualities required for the job, the nominates are assessed with interviews participated by human resources department, relevant managers and vice general managers. The nominates are placed to relevant positions if interviews conclude positively. Besides, the nominates are also informed if interviews do not conclude as desired.

Training and Development

We aim to support the professional and personal developments of our employees with continuous training programs. We base ourselves on rendering success permanent by developing competencies, improving work performances, revealing training requirements, creating and implementing annual training programs and keeping pace with changing conditions.


Orientation training is a program for adaptation of labor. The programs starts with informing a new employee about the present and past of the company, organizational culture, departments, produced goods and services, production lines, customers, working conditions, processing policies, social rights, price systems, work safety applications, and ends by employee’s considering himself/herself as a part of the company.

Career Planning

Career management creates plans for the professional lives of the employees in our company. This is a process carried out in order to help our employees in developing themselves, realizing their career targets, offering self-development opportunities and establishing ways and activities for them to follow. The employees are subjected to assessment by their managers periodically, and the results of such assessment make out their career guide. Work and task definitions are revealed by performing work analyses. Necessary knowledge, skill and abilities are determined for each position. Job enrichment, work rotation, organizational back up, manager development and promotion programs are among the Career Planning policy principles of our company.

Performance Evaluation

A Performance Management System is applied that continues with the strategical targets of our company and department and personal targets. The company gains profit together with the employees thanks to their personal and professional developments and improving performance. Performance evaluation system is carried out once in a year with interviews between an employee and the management. The results of evaluation provides data for personal development planning, training requirements and determination of career steps.
The most significant step for your future starts with the right step to your professional life and career.
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Recruitment Strategy
The most significant step for your future starts with the right step to your professional life and career.

The students who desire to attend to our program get the chance to gain experience in many areas. Your applications are viewed and assessed only by Pimsa Otomotiv A.S. Department of Human Resources. Our company has two trainee programs as long term and short term internships.

You can apply if you are;

•    A student in a Vocational School or at a University,
•    Studying in departments that necessitate internship or studying in a school which affords insurance for internship,
•    Using MS Office programs at a good level,
•    Inclined to team work and have strong communication skills.

The students who desire to work with us during their trainee programs can visit us or apply through announcements.