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Research and Development

Pimsa Otomotiv A.S. The R&D Center was certified in 2016 by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology according to the Law no. 5746 and ”Regulation for Supporting R&D Activities” dated 31.8.2008.  The center carries out its activities as the 265th R&D center of Turkey.

The R&D Center of Pimsa Otomotiv A.S., a leading company of Turkey in automobile industry, produces polyurethane car mats, integral and RIM parts, acoustic isolation, TRIM and interior trim parts, and performs design and development projects, relevant tests and industrialization procedures. 

Beside the product and raw material development projects, the R&D Center also conducts EU and TUBITAK projects and collaboration projects with national and international universities and R&D centers. Pimsa Otomotiv A.S. Since its registration as an R&D center, it has applied for more than 20 patents, and 6 of these were registered while the others are in registration process.

In addition to the foregoing, PIMSA OTOMOTIV R&D Center labs have

•    Product Characterization Tests (DSC,TGA,FTIR)
•    Chemical Analysis Tests (Karl Fischer)
•    Mechanical and Physical Tests
•    Acoustic Tests (Brüel Kjær)
•    Electrical Control Tests
•    Aging and Life Tests
•    Combustion Tests
•    Imaging and Measurement Tests


Annual Turnover Rate of R & D Expenditures
Result Expected Patents
Number of Patents Received