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From Yesterday to Today Pimsa Otomotiv
To be a global system manufacturer that designs its own products and takes its place among the top 500 major companies in Turkey by 2020.


A group of friends graduated from Robert College established Pimsa Poliuretan A.S. Manufacturing of polyurethane form parts commenced in a building leased near E-5 highway of Kucukyali. The first motto was “Polyurethane for automobile, furniture, construction and defense industries”. Mithat Bigat and Omer Bilgin of the founders became the administrators of the company. 


It was determined that automobile industry was ideal for the partners in consequence of the relations that commenced after Otomarsan company ordered seat cushion foam for O-309 buses. The future of the company was shaped when Otosan and Otoyol companies also placed orders. Pimsa became the first company to manufacture polyurethane products for Turkish automobile industry.


Pimsa was already carrying out manufacture in 3 leased buildings in Kucukyali in order to catch up with the orders when it became an accepted company of the industry in 


The production in Dudullu that started with seat cushion foam, steering wheel and armrest diversified in 10 years and the product range became extended adding interior trim parts such as motor isolations, floor rug, trim panels and sunshades. 


Otimsa Teknik Imalat Limited Sirketi was established in order to afford the increasing lower segment metal requirement of the company.


The course of Turkish Automobile Industry completely changed after the customs union agreement between Turkey and EU. Thereupon, negotiations commenced with many companies for a partnership in Europe in order to become a system manufacturer.


Pimsa Direksiyon A.S. was established in partnership with German Petri and Spanish Dalphi Metal companies in order to manufacture steering wheel upon the demand of our customers and the increasing use of airbag in new automobiles. Pimsa Direksiyon A.S. was liquidated in 2011 due to a dispute between the foreign partners who had been the new owners of such companies.


HP Pelzer Pimsa Otomotiv Sanayi AS was established in partnership with Pelzer Gmbh, a company that manufactured acoustic parts, and the company commenced manufacture in 2001 in the facility within Ford Otosan Sub-Industry Park and in factory, the latter of which was the first factory to be established in TOSB area.


Pimsa Adler Otomotiv A.S. Was established in partnership with Italian Adler Plastics Company, the global supplier of Fiat, and the partnership started production in a leased building next to Pimsa Poliuretan of Dudullu. 


ISO/TS 16949 quality certificate was granted and  ISO 14001 certificate was acquired.


No compromise is made to quality.


Pimsa Poliuretan A.S. steered the direction towards new works that are beyond the interest of the partnerships, headed in to polyurethane part production generally for commercial vehicles and started the first attempt for rug production and globalization.


Pimsa Poliuretan was awarded with Ford Q1 certificate.


Pimsa Otomotiv Tekstilleri A.S. was established in order to afford rug and felt requirement of the group companies.


HP Pelzer Pimsa was established in Romania and started production in the mid-2012. The company was sold to the foreign partner in the end of 2017.


Pimsa Otomotiv building started environment-friendly manufacture and use of energy with solar energy system. The title of the company was changed to Pimsa Otomotiv A.S. and moved to its new manufacturing facility and administrational building in TOSB Organized Industrial Zone.


Pelzer Pimsa was established in St. Petersburg. The company was sold to the foreign partner in the end of 2017.


Pimsa Otomotiv A.Ş. Türkiye’deki ilk patentini güneşlik üretim metodu için almıştır


Pimsa Otomotiv was awarded by Kocaeli Chamber of Industry with Environment Award of Automobile and Sub-Industry Sector in the Big-sized Business Category and Pimsa Otomotiv was awarded with LEED Gold certificate.


Pimsa Otomotiv became the 265th R&D center of Turkey.


QCL Company of the United Kingdom was purchased and it became the first manufacturing center abroad.


Pimsa Otomotiv acquired its first patent in Europe.